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The Greener camping club

In order to comply with countryside planning policy, we operate as a Greener Camping Club members-only campsite. The Greener Camping Club was established by people with a passion for sustainable, eco-friendly camping holidays.


When you book your holiday with us, you will be enrolled as a member of the Club. Membership costs just £12 for the calendar year and gives you access to some of the greenest campsites in the UK.  The Club is fully committed to several environmental initiatives, and every year at least 15% of the membership fees are used to fund these. At present they include:

Trees for Life

Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment - and through the Club's 'Trees for Life' scheme a tree will be planted for every member who joins the club or renews their membership. Each tree will absorb over one tonne of CO2 in its lifetime. Trees equivalent to the number of members staying at our campsite will be planted on our farm.

The Woodland Trust

The Greener Camping Club is a Woodland Trust Corporate Member - underpinning the deep-rooted commitment to helping create, restore and protect UK woodlands.

Nesting Boxes and Bat Boxes

Each year The Greener Camping Club commission a quantity of nesting boxes and bat boxes which are then made available to campsite owners.

Wildflower Seeds

The Greener Camping Club distributes small quantities of wildflower seeds to its campsites. As well as providing a great display of colour, wildflowers provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen and nectar along with shelter and places to breed. Pollinators then return the favour by transferring pollen, enabling wildflowers to develop seeds and produce more flowers.

Read more about The Greener Camping Club here.

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